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Wouldnt it be nice if karma was true?

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    So the suffering of people would not be unfair but due to their having being mean before.
    Actual prostitutes would have been people who went with prostitutes before and religious fanatics would have been people who liked to impose their opinion to the rest like those who burnt Giordano Bruno and silenced Galileo.
    I believe this universe to be a fair place
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    Wouldn't it be nice if people actually had a rudimentary understanding of the concept of Karma?
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    The nazis use to believed in karma so they justified the no compassion to the suffering people.
    Actually i think is the mean people who deserves compassion but im still glad they get their punishment
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    If Karma were to be real could you imagine the life of an IRS worker or a parking meter person. wowzers.
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    Parking meter monitors deserve to find the penny they picked up off the ground next to the parking meter is a 1909 SVDB.

    It's hard to imagine anything that would reflect the karma IRS workers deserve. I'd say they deserve to win the lottery once a week, but after winning once, any subsequent winnings are a pretty trivial reward for the service they provide to our country.

    There! That should keep me free of an audit and free of parking tickets for at least this year.
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    I dunno... can IRS workers read?

    This isn't about Karma, but related. In a discussion of reincarnation at the bar, the waitress asked one of my friends what he'd like to come back as. He immediately answered, "The brass pole in a strip club." :biggrin:
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    According to Deepak Chopra, karma is not the "you get what's coming to you" that people misunderstand it to be.

    Karma is the emotional cycle of experience-memory-desire- action-experience. First, you have an experience. Then you remember the experience. The memory elicits the desire to reexperience the pleasureable parts of the experience, which causes action in the attempt to do so, which causes an experience, which causes a memory of the experience...and round and round.

    Karma more or less means "habit", and pretty much all karma is bad. The goal is to look at all situations with self-awareness and a completely fresh eye.
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