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Wow 8 Meg

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    I now have 8 Meg and it is nearly 7 according to download testers, amazing for a tiny village miles from anywhere.
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    Indeed it's about time, 10 Meg is standard in some countries. I have 2Mb or in reality ~1.4 Megabits/s. Mines free with my TV package though, and I don't download large files so it's more than enough.

    A friend of mine used to have 10 Megabytes/s on a dedicated T1 server at University, but they banned a lot of people from using because they were downloading stuff on it overnight when it was practically unused instead of using it for study. Imagine that sort of speed, give it 10 years and that'll be slow I reckon. :smile:
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    A large 10 page pdf file is all most instant SD, i mean as soon as the connection is made the file is there, before i had to wait a minute or two, this is without the filters i am supposed to have fitted and through my linksys wireless.
    The upload is not even 1 meg though, but i do not need much any way.
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    I just checked the Library's connection yesterday, and it was about 8 Mbits/s, with a peak that was off the charts. Funny thing is, I use my 1 Mbit/s connection to its fullest, and although they have several computers, I bet they don't use it. Maybe I should ask them if we can switch?
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    Aren't you in UK?

    Back in 2002 or so, UK was 99% dialup. Australia was just as bad, and they were paying more for dialup than north americans were paying for dsl and cable. Now it's the other way around. Stuff in north america is often slower than it was 10 years ago, and it's more expensive because bandwidth usage has expoded while the limits have not increased in most cases.

    I'm on 1.5mb with no bandwidth limits. Same connection since 2001.
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    My download speed is great, but my upload speed is atrocious. I use comcast and they limit it to 40kb/sec for upload. They want to stop people from stealing stuff over P2P, but the problem with that is that I send a lot of *.pdf files and stuff to my professor and uploading stuff to websites, so it takes a while to just wait for the email to get sent, and I'm wondering if it hanged or not.

    Just checked my download and upload from here:


    Download at 20M, upload at 367K. =/
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    Im at school, my download speed is 5502Kps, upload 5140kps.

    Ill try my FIOS when I get home.
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    Sure beats the heck out of the 300 baud we started with back in the 80's :wink:
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    Where I currently live, I have 30 kb/s.
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    Chi Meson

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    Just saying "baud" makes you old.
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    Even pakistan got past dial up, yeesh.
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    A lot of people in the country are still on dial up, the towns and cities seem to have everything, i only changed to 8meg as i noticed a real difference between night and day downloads.
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    Wow that is slow, is it just your location or lack of services?
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    I'm also at school. Download speed = 20 to 45 Mbps, Upload = 10 to 20 Mbps (changes with location of test server).
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    Yeah and ten Megabytes/s is 8 times faster than that or 80Mbps. Now imagine what you could get down there. My friend used to download movies and stuff, he'd get 2 or 3 down in a night. :eek: now that's fast. 6-9 hours of MPEG is a big file. Of course they kicked him off the server for abusing it though. Hehe.
  17. Apr 9, 2008 #16
    Ha ha, speaking of school. I download all my programs there even things like Ophcrack (a password cracker) its so cool. Stickin it to the man.
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