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Wraparound Universe

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    I remember when i was reading on Einstein's relativity the idea of the universe wrapping around, and not having definite limits. The example given was that of people living on the 2D surface of a sphere. They can move about their universe without ever coming to an "edge of the universe". Given an expanding universe how feasible is this? Our 3D universe could wrap around using a fourth dimension, so we would never see an edge of the universe, but the universe would still have limits, the surface of the sphere mentioned above has a thickness (maybe infinitely small) but there must be a start and end points defining the thickness of that sphere, so we're not getting rid of the question of universe ending somewhere, even if making it a little easier to ignore.
    If the universe wraps around, then supposedly radiation beamed off in one direction may meet us from the opposite direction assuming it's not significantly affected by gravity in its course. If the universe wraps around then some of the radiation reaching us may be older than we think. I think that given the age of the universe (depending on the size of course) it's feasible that if we're in a wraparound universe then some light has had the time to go around a few. :surprised
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    Would it not act much to the same as a gravity wave from north to south and vice versa. It cycles, there by never having an end or a begining?? Except to say that it once started, from say the big bang, and now that the energy that was once compressed and now is decompressing it just cycles. That is the image in my mind anyway.
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    I'd thought that too...

    ...living inside the membrane/bubble skin and the limit of what you can see is like the soccer ball patch analogy where each patch is connected to form a sphere but from inside the thickness of the ball you would only see maybe one patch

    only imagine then this bubble being connected to many as foam in a bubble bath...
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    So would there be such a thing a recycle energy in an existing universe. I am thinking that would it not be possable for the universe to constantly expand within itself. In image of this to me would take place in a space shaped much like a dounut. Even though I am unsure of the shape of the center hole, space could constantly expand in return to "0" if you will by pushing energy out to the edge from the center through the core at a zero point and then the energy would move back on the skin of the dounut like the energy wave involved in magnets in a loop fashon....back to the pole and be reintroduced as new energy. This would help explain why space is constantly in expansion.
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