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Wrapping a bacon sandwich

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    jimmy p

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    Ok, so I was late for work today (as usual), and I had my bacon sandwich in my pocket so that I could eat it when I got there. Anyway, I had wrapped it up in aluminium foil and as I was walking down the road, I thought to myself "was there a better way?".

    The way I saw it was that metal conducts heat right, so if had a hot bacon butty, then much of the heat would be transferred to the metal and then lost radiated into the surroundings. However if I had my sandwich in a Tupperware container that is an insulator, then the heat would remain in the vicinity of the sandwich. Am I right? If not, which is better for containing a hot substance?
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    Put the sandwich in the Tupperware, and then wrap that with foil to reflect the heat back to the sandwich. The best of both worlds.
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    If you remembered to wrap the foil with the shiny side going inside, you'd be okay for a while.

    I can only imagine the surprised look on the face of that hot chick in your workplace who asked you "Is that a bacon sandwich in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" and you said "bacon sandwich, baby !!!"
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    jimmy p

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    Unfortunately I never got to use that line. I am a manager so I had to be in an hour before anyone else was there. Otherwise I would have gladly used the bacon roll to stimulate innuendo filled conversation. :approve:
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