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Writing a book

  1. Nov 23, 2004 #1
    I'm planning to write a book on Physics and electronics. Anybody who wish to share his experience/knowledge e.g. which software to use for writing etc. Also some tips to make it bestseller and profitable... :wink:
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    Your English isn't good enough to write a bestseller, but if you are going to write it anyway I suggest using any word program you are familiar with. I wouldn't worry about getting a special program specific to publishing. Any publisher would want to do all the formatting and would just want your words. I use Word, it does everything I've ever needed. The best tip is read a lot and write a lot. That's the only way to get better. The only way you will publish a physics book is if you 1)Have your doctorate and 2)Are a professor at a good school If you aren't both of those no publisher would even consider a book. Unless you already have several published books under your belt.
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    You are right. So, I'm planning to write some articles for magzines/online websites. Can anybody give me some useful web addresses for that.
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    I have just started writing a book on engineering physics...I have to read a lot for that.
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    don't discourage him

    hi ,you want to write a book on physics .its well and good but one thing to publish that book you should have some qualification .First u think about that ,or if u have more interest on subject then u can try .
    ok all the best
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