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Writing a paper

  1. Feb 19, 2004 #1
    For one of my classes, I am choosing to write a paper on either String Theory or the search for the theory of everything.

    The paper will not be very technical, rather it will deal with the effects of these theories, and how they will effect our planet, and the way we view life.

    These idea's are very interesting to read about, even if one can't fully understand everything that is being discussed.

    I feel either of these subjects will give loads of information to write a 3-4 page paper about.

    So what are some links with good information, like the background of either theory, and the effects on our planet should either theory be proven true.

    Can anyone give me a little more detail about each theory?

    Thanks in advance :smile:

    (PS - I am only going to write about ONE of the theories, so whichever is more relevent to my topic (the effects on our planet/people) I will choose)
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    Then I would suggest you write about finding a Theory of Everything (TOE). For string theory is just a step in that direction.

    But just think if we did find a TOE. How would that affect politics? Notice how the theory of Relativity changed people's thoughts towards matters of right and wrong... Some people invoked the principle of relativity to social issues to claim that there is no absolutes right and wrong,... it is all relative, etc. But if we were to find a TOE, then how would people react to the discovery that the universe is understandable, it obeys prinicple consistently, everything is subject to rules, etc. It would go a long way in demystifying nature.

    Hope this helps.
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    as far as i know, there are currently no proposals for a theory of everything other than string theory (maybe supergravity too)

    just to make sure you are clear on the terminologies, any theory that unifies the principle of quantum theory with general relativity will be called a theory of quantum gravity. any quantum theory that includes the electroweak force and the strong force is called a grand unified theory, and any theory that includes both quantum gravity and electroweak and strong in a unified manner is called a theory of everything.

    string theory is the only candidate for a theory of everything, so i can't see how doing a paper on the theory of everything would be any different from doing a paper on string theory.
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    Actually, wouldn't a TOE have to include some proof that there are no other forces or particles other than what it derives? Wouldn't a TOE have to show some proof for the number of dimensions and the background metric, etc, etc, in other words, no more question remain after a TOE is given?
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