Writing a sizable SF novel.

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Firstly, it's darn hard work, and any notion I had about overtaking Crawford's, Lights Out, have been dealt a painful blow. He became a multimillionaire in the time it takes the photons leaving your monitor to pass the end of your nose. Well, so it's said.

I talked at length to Richard Phillips, the author of The Rho Agenda. I loved the opening of the first book, The Second Ship, and would love to learn the first ship had really been secreted away after the Roswell incident in 1947. A solid SF premise for a series that seems to be selling consistently over a long period.

The launch of my, The Perfect Code on e-books has been somewhat slow to say the least. The odd thing is that some folk write that they have read all 700 pages twice. There are a few questions left unanswered in the first book, hopefully questions tantalizing enough to prompt a re-read and a little discussion.

I would love to hear from SF enthusiasts that have more than a passing interest in physics, though a first mention on this forum seemed to indicate that some readers are not willing to spend much time at funerals. :frown:

From a promotional blurb:

A Sci-fi novel by airline pilot turned author. There is plenty of flying, but the 700 page first part suggests two creational hypotheses that are as astonishing as they are imaginative.

When Boeing captain William Grant hears an odd question in his headphones, he is too preoccupied with a storm to take much notice. Later that night the same voice enters his mind as he fights for his life in burning wreckage.

The beings monitoring the development of the human race have been close by for millennia. Despite possessing very advanced technology, they occasionally seek out gifted human minds. When Will is offered a chance to serve he readily accepts—the alternative not tempting him for a moment.

Only their commander knows there is more to the soul of William Grant than her team can be told, but even she has to come to terms with Will’s unbreakable love for his widow.


I'd again like to hear from anyone willing to make constructive criticism. The wonderful thing about Kindle etc., is the ability to edit.

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