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Writing a transfer letter, what should I include?

  1. Apr 25, 2010 #1
    Hi, I am currently going through the process of transferring into computer engineering or computer science (first and second choices, respectively) and I was looking for some guidance in what I should be including in my letter requesting to make the switch.

    I assume;
    - simply explaining my interest in computers and the engineering field
    - extracurricular things that apply

    A quick bit about myself,
    I was a lazy student in high school with no passion for anything, no desire to go far in life or make anything of myself. Went to the only school that accepted me for a degree in human services, aka policing and realized it wasn't for me. Transferred to university of Guelph for English, wanting to be a high school teacher. I guess it must have been the atmosphere of the school, I don't know exactly what triggered it but I decided to take some science courses and basically... I fell in love with science. These past two semesters I caught up on the sciences and maths i missed in high school and now want to transfer.

    I could write a lot more about why I want to do this and I think I should include them in my letter but I think they're also looking for activities that would apply to the subject matter.

    Basically I've just discovered this stuff, and other than a decent knowledge of computers, I don't have anything else to write about.

    I plan on learning some programming and maybe trying to set up some basic circuits and stuff this summer, (I want to make stuff!!) can I include things like that?

    its max. 1000 words.

    thank you for any replies, greatly appreciate it!
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