Writing an essay on superglue

  1. hi everyone, i'm really having trouble with this

    My teacher gave us an assignmentin chemistry on one of the following topics:

    1)bullut-proof fabric

    i'm supposed to write an essay on one of this topics and describe some specialized new materials that have been created on the basis of the findings of research on the structure of matter, chemical bonding, and other properties of matter.

    To tell you the truth, i dont know where to start, i honestly need help, i cant find anything on the internet, but then again i suck at searching, could anyone PLEASE get me started on any of those topic, thanks alot
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    superconductors is an easy one to google.

    As for super glue, do some googling to find out what "epoxy" is.
  4. thx alot guys u really helped i appreicite it
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