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Writing balanced net ionic equations

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    can anyone write the balanced net ionic equations for the following reactions in acid solution?? thanks.. i cant figure it out

    1. solid phosphorus (P4) reacts with hypochlorous acid (HClO) to form phosphoric acid H3PO4, and chloride ion

    2. Tellurium, Te, is oxidized by nitrate ion to form solid tellurium dioxide and NO

    3. An acqueous solution of bromine is reduced to Br-, at the same time iodide ions are oxidized to iodate ions, IO3-
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    what cant you figure out?
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    They are redox reactions, so be sure to know the starting and end products' redox states, this is a must if you want to know where electrons go.
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    I agree that they are redox and that the hypochlorous acid (HClO) is in AQUEOUS solution,but still that doesn't accoun for the electron which pops outta no where at #1.

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    The unstated part of an ionic reaction is the reaction medium, which may be acidic or basic (in the absence of specification, you may use either notation).

    So, in addition to the given reactants and products, you must add water and H+ (or OH-) ions to the reaction to balance it.

    So, for example in #1, above, you will find that you must use (per mole of P4) 6 moles of water, resulting in 10 moles of H+ (and Cl-, of course). Alternatively, you may add 4 moles of OH- and get 10 moles of water.
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