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Writing to text file in Win Spice

  1. May 18, 2010 #1

    I'm trying to create an IV plot of a device by varying the resistance of a resistor and measuring the current through it and voltage drop across it. I'm using WinSpice to do this. I would like to write the values to a text file as I seep through the resistance of the resistor. I've tried to write some code shown below:

    let res = 1
    while res <= 1000
    alter @rload[resistance] = res
    write output.txt v(1) i(vmeas)
    let res = res + 50

    This doesn't work because it keeps overwriting the output file and I only get the last calculated values of current and voltage. I need a command to append the file instead of overwriting it.

    Any help or suggestions or sample code would be much appreciated.

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