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Wrong explanation in Strepulsion.org ?

  1. Feb 28, 2006 #1

    I happened to visit the following page.


    It explains what will happen to light from stars, if

    a) Sun attracts the light
    b) Sun repulses the light.

    As I see it, the explanation seems to be wrong.

    <quoting strepulsion.org site>
    SRE = Antisolar Radiation Curve if the Sun exert REPULSION.

    SGE = Pro-Solar Radiation Curve if the Sun exert force of Gravitation

    1) If the Sun exert GRAVITATION, then the Star Ray should be ATTRACTED and follow PRO-SOLAR RADIATION CURVE (SGE) and Star image should follow PRO-SOLAR DEFLECTION (EGM). So Star should appear nearer to the Sun than its real location that is at point M.

    2) If the Sun does not exert any force - then Star should appear at its real location S and radiation follow straight path SE.

    3) If the Sun exert force of REPULSION, then the Star Ray should be REPELLED and follow ANTISOLAR RADIATION CURVE (SRE) and Star image should be deflected away from the Sun in line of ERN. The Star image should appear at point N, which is at greater distance than the real location.
    </quoting strepulsion.org site>

    Actually, shouldn't it be the reverse?

    SRE (concave curvature w.r.t sun) should be observed when Sun excerts Gravitation, and SGE (convex curvature w.r.t. sun) should be observed when Sun exerts REPULSION.

    I just consider the light ray as a ball thrown and follow the path of the ball. If sun attracts the path should be SRE, if sun repells the path should be SGE.

    I have attached an image which explains the expected shape of curvature of light rays from star (assuming sun attracts).

    Can anyone confirm my findings?

    Sachin Shenoy

    http://phyun5.ucr.edu/~wudka/Physics7/Notes_www/node100.html [Broken]

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