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Wrong Newton Law? according to Einstein

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    I remember reading somewhere that some Law of Newton was wrong according to Einstein's theories. Does anyone know something about this?
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    Newton's law of universal gravitation is wrong, because it cannot explain a number of phenomena we observe in the universe around us, such as the perhelion advance of Mercury, or the bending of starlight near the limb of the Sun. Newtonian gravitation is an approximation to a broader theory, the general theory of relativity. which is not, as far as we know today, in error. In the limit of low gravitational field strengths and low velocities, general relativity and Newtonian gravitation theory are indistinguishable.

    - Warren
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    Newtons laws are fine for speeds < 0.01c, but once we breach this border, Einsteins Special Relativity must be used.
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