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WWII History buffs: Interesting CIA docs

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    Ivan Seeking

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    While poking around and reviewing some the old CIA files at the FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] reading room, I noticed a rather unusual, forty eight page document dated Aug, 1945, that discusses Japaneses espionage and secret operatives, Chinese complicity, and is titled "SHANGHAI - COUNTER-ESPIONAGE SUMMARY"

    I thought that anyone interested in this period of history and intelligence operations may find this some unique reading. It also strikes me as a potentially good source for an interesting political science or history report.

    If you want to read go here

    You will see the report title above as the first option. I find it easiest to copy the picture and read using a viewer. The text is difficult but with a zoom I find it manageable.
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    There's a book called Into Tibet by Thomas Laird that talks about the CIA's activity in China after WWII. It talks about the early intelligence gathering done on the Soviet nuclear program, the US attempts to ally with the Mongols, and the diplomatic and intelligence snafus by the US that pushed China toward its takeover of Tibet. Quite interesting.

    The document you pointed to looks to be interesting also.
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