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Homework Help: Wye-Delta Three Phase Circuit

  1. Aug 15, 2007 #1

    In the attached file, the question asks to find the three line currents. I understand the solution using Mesh Analysis that was used. However, I am unsure as to why when I convert the Delta Load to a Wye load, I get the wrong answer.

    Using Zwye = (1/3)Zdelta, adding the series line impedance with the load impedance, and then finding the line current using a single phase equivalent.

    Essentially the Balanced Delta load becomes a Balance Wye load of 4 + j0.666. Then the line impedances will be in series with each individual load. So each impedance should be (4 + j0.666) + (1 + j2). Finally, the line currents will be the phase voltages (100 angle0, 100 angle-120, 100 angle120) divided by the series line and load impedance, 5 + j2.666.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    I can't help you here, because there is no question to what need to be solve.
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