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X * 0=0

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    I have to prove that x*0= 0 where x is any integer. I can do this pretty easily using the proposition that m(-1)=-m but I am not allowed to use this. In addition, I am unable to prove m(-1)=-m unless I accept the fact that anything times zero equals zero. Can anyone give me a hint or push on how to show this? I am just going around in circles.
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    matt grime

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    0.m=(0+0).m =0.m+0.m

    subtract m.0 from both sides.
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    Thanks, Im an idiot. I kept trying to represent 0 as (m + -m)
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    When x is an integer, multiplication can be defined as:

    [tex]x*a = \sum^x_{n=1} a[/tex]

    When a = 0:

    [tex]x*0 = \sum^x_{n=1} 0 = \underbrace{0 + 0 + ... + 0}_x = 0[/tex]
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