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X^a/X^B - Please Help With Question

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    Dear People,
    I'm sorry that im putting this question here because it might be very obvious and it might insult some of your intellingence.

    I know that Y/Y^a equals


    Does this mean that

    Y^a/Y equals

    1/Y^1-a ,I just want to know where this is true?

    Thank you so much for putting up with my questions.

    Peace to all.
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    For both answers

    \frac{Y}{Y^a} = Y^{1-a}

    \frac{Y^a}{Y} = Y^{a-1} = \frac{1}{Y^{1-a}}

    In general:

    \frac{Y^m}{Y^n} = Y^{m-n} = \frac{1}{Y^{m-n}}

    think this way: when you have a fraction in which powers of the same quantity appear in the numerator and denominator, subtract exponents in the order "top - bottom"
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