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X-Axis is wrong

  1. Sep 22, 2014 #1
    I have a table of data points to be subtracted by another table of data points. I have succeed in subtracting the y values of each data point successfully, but it is the x values of each data point in that I have trouble.

    m =10;

    This is the code that I am having trouble with. However, my plot will get y values correct, but my x-axis is automatically set to 0 to 1400 in steps of 200. However, my data points shows that my x-axis should be from 0 to 0.07 in steps of 0.01.

    Both "DataList" and "BGData" are table of its own and the specifications that I have done for each just extracts the y-values in each table and subtracts them.
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