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X-Prize Competitor gearing up for test

  1. Apr 7, 2003 #1
    http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&cid=96&ncid=96&e=6&u=/space/20030403/sc_space/x_prize_competitor_unveils_manned_space_capsule [Broken]

    Hope that long link worked, if not you can read about it at http://www.space.com/

    Basically a group is going to be testing a small version of thier space capsule for flight/landing verification.

    You may be able to take a trip into space in a few years. :wink:
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    Greetings !

    Bloody h**l , I was hoping the Russians would
    win. Not because they are Russians :wink:, but
    because I thought they had the best design
    so far - a small and fully reusable rocket launched
    from an AN-124 freighter plane (advisably as it flies
    east above the equator - to maximize momentum).
    I mean, there's just no real innovation in
    a simple rocket and I bet the costs are relativly
    high compared to a number of other projects.

    BTW, the official site with all the projects in
    detail can be found here: www.XPRIZE.com

    Live long and prosper.
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