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X-ray diffraction in the presence of an electric potential

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    Hi, I was conducting an experiment on a material using XRD and I investigated two cases. One case is the presence of outside electric potential, that is, the material being connected to a electric circuit. The other case is the absence of this electric potential. I found that the two XRD patterns from these two cases differ, though not significantly. I think this is suggesting that the exerted electric potential is changing the original electron distribution, which is not surprising, right? Considering that the sample contains Ti4+ which has empty 3d orbitals, does this fact possibly has relationship to what I observed? Yes, I think I'm implying the interaction of X-ray with possible light-sensitive material in the presence of an electric potential. I'm sorry if this question belongs more to the chemistry area :) Thanks!
    ps: I also posted this question in physics board...I hope this will not irritate the manager -_-!!
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