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I X-ray diffraction minima?

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    For x-day diffraction maxima we have braggs law
    2d*sinθ = mλ (maxima)

    Is there an analogous law for the minima like
    2d*sinθ = (m+1/2)λ (minima?)

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    Diffraction gratings don't have a simple alternating maximum/minimum pattern like the two-slit setup does.


    What you see are the primary maxima which are very narrow and bright. You don't normally see the secondary maxima and the minima in between them.
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    For an ideal, infinite crystal, and using the kinematic theory of x-ray diffraction, there is intensity only at the Bragg positions, and nothing in between. Once you consider real (finite and imperfect) crystals and multiple scattering (dynamical theory of x-ray diffraction), things become a bit more complicated.

    As an example, in surface diffraction, you get something called an "anti-Bragg" position.

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