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X-Ray from Dentist's

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    I have the opportunity to rent an apartment directly above a dental office. I'm wondering about the disadvantages to doing that.

    In particular, I'm wondering if the radiation from their X-Ray machine can travel into my apartment.

    I would appreciate your insight.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I don't know what the planning laws in the states are, but in the UK a X-ray room must pass a X-ray penetration test. If the room has windows they must be fitted with triple leaded plate glass. My local dentist has flats above the surgery and I don't think there are any problems. The size of NOX bottles are also restricted.
    I remember as a kid that shoe shops in the UK had X-ray machines to make sure the shoes were a good fit. I remember wriggling my toes whilst looking into the screen with awe! Anyone else remember these or are you all young whipper-snappers?
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    The dental X-ray is very low intensity and narrowly focused - at the patient. It is unlikely that X-rays would scatter into the apartment below. I would expect a normal, background radiation level in the apartment.

    The X-ray machine would be used intermittently, and not during the night or off-hours, so I don't think there is any concerns to worry about.
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    Screams of "tormented victims"? :)

    Every time I think about dentists' work, I imagine how nearly every day they have to deal with patients who are hysterically afraid of dental medicine. I asked about that, and doctor confirmed that at least 20% of patients are like that.
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    I remember those X-ray machines as well - scary to think of them now!
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    Yes, I wiggled my toes way too many times, because it was so much fun, and I ain't got foot cancer yet, almost seventy years later.
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