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Medical X-Ray Machine Specifications

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    Good afternoon, I'm doing a research on x-rays machines. I chose the model KL27-0.8-70 (or any oral x-ray machine). I would be very grateful if someone could provide me some technical information as the radiation pattern, the aceleration efectuated on the electrons, and the electric field radiated from the electrons or the place where I can find this information, I have already emailed several companies but none have answered back yet. I would be very grateful on obtaining this data for a deeper understanding on x rays machines.
    Thanks for the time of reading this question,
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    Have you made any effort to find out the principle of operation of an X-ray generator? Such information is readily available on the internet.
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    The info about generation of x-rays I've already got. I'm looking for a bit more specific information like the radiation pattern of any oral x-ray machine, and the exact accelaration effectuated on a electron.
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    What reading have you been doing so far on this? It would seem that Google would get you a lot of that information. What have you found at the manufacturer's website? What have you found via Google?
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    You're probably running into problems because the questions that you're asking might be losing something in the translation.

    What do you mean by "radiation pattern?" Are you asking about x-ray intensity as a function of angle from the anode? Are you asking about an emission spectrum?

    I don't know what "exact accelaration effectuated on a electron" means either. I suspect you mean to ask about peak acceleration potential, which for dental x-ray units is probably in the 60 - 100 keV ballpark.

    As for "electric field radiated from the electrons" - do you mean Gauss' Law?
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    One can search Google with the cited model number and find a manufacturer's brochure.

    In the model number, 0.8 is the Focal spot nominal value (Standard IEC 60336), and 70 is 70 kV. These can vary among devices.
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