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[x-ray physics] refractive index

  1. Aug 21, 2008 #1
    There doesn't seem to be any difference between

    [tex]n = (1-\delta) - i\beta[/tex]
    (the refractive index in the x-ray regime, where [tex]1-\delta[/tex] is the real part and [tex]\beta[/tex] is the the absorption index)


    [tex]n^{\ast} = n - ik[/tex]
    (the complex refractive index, where [tex]n[/tex] is the refractive index and [tex]k[/tex] is the extinction coefficient)

    assuming the equivalence [tex]n = 1-\delta[/tex] and [tex]k=\beta[/tex]. I got this from http://henke.lbl.gov/optical_constants/getdb2.html, where I looked up the refractive index of a material. Is there any physical meaning associated with this different notation or it's just a matter of preference? Thanks!
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