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X Rays and Moseley's Law

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    I am looking for a website which explains the use of Moseley's Law for calculating parameters for characteristic X-ray spectra (in particular [itex]K_{\alpha}[/itex] lines and the compliance with Bohr's formula (modified).

    Searched google but didn't find anything comprehensive enough.

    Eagerly awaiting a reply...

    Thanks and cheers
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    Doc Al

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    I'm sure you can google just as well as I, but here are two sites that look useful:
    http://jan.ucc.nau.edu/~wittke/Microprobe/Xray-MoseleysLaw.html [Broken]

    Good chapter on X-rays: http://epmalab.uoregon.edu/pdfs/X_natur3%20_Chap%203_.pdf [Broken]
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    Thanks Doc I really appreciate it. Sorry for the delayed response though.

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