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Homework Help: X-rays and their emission spectrum

  1. May 25, 2010 #1
    About the intensity of x-ray emission spectrum of Molybdenum as a function of wavelength for various applied voltages:

    Explain fully:

    1) the production of continuous radiation emitted
    2) the absence of radiation of wavelength shorter than the minimum wavelength
    3) the presence of the peaks K(alpha) and K(beta)
    4) the absence of the K peaks in lower curves

    5) Explain why in x-rays if any line in the K series is emitted, then the whole series is emitted.
    6) Why does each series converge to a short wavelength limit?

    7) The K-absorption edge of tungsten is 0.0178nm and the average wavelengths of the K series lines are: K(alpha)=0.0210nm and K(beta)=0.0184nm.
    i) What is the least energy in eV required to excite the L series?
    ii) What is the wavelength of the L(alpha) line?
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    Hello justinegauci.What have you tried and where are you stuck?
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