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Homework Help: X-rays and their wavelengths

  1. Feb 7, 2006 #1
    X-ray tubes used by dentists can have voltages as high as 80kV to accelerate the elecrons to produce the X-rays. What is the most lowest wavelength that can be produced by such electons?

    This problem seems almost too easy... i need a check

    [tex]\lamba = \frac{1.24x10^3 V^{-1} nm}{80kV}[/tex]

    [tex]\lamba = 0.0155 nm[/tex]
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    Check the units in your expression.
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    i thought wavelengths were in nm? why do I get units of nm/v^2?
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    the numerator should be 1240eVnm
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    I am stil getting [tex]\lambda = 0.0155 nm[/tex]

    I used the formula [tex]\lambda=\frac{h*c}{80kV*e}[/tex]

    and I got the same results. am I doing this correctly?
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    what Tide said. Look at your units. Carefully.
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    ignoring the first part, and using:


    should it be in units of (eV*s)/V ?? shouldnt it be in meters?
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