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X-Y plane physics question

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    Hi everyone!i have this physics equation problem,i really need to know how to solve this for me to pass my exam,can anyone help me please..:frown:

    1.what mass will be sustained on a plane inclined at 32 degrees horizontal, by a force of 200 newtons pulling upward at an angle of 28 degrees to the plane?

    2.What is the pressing force perpendicular to the plane in question # 1 (taking g = 10m/s)

    3.A differential pulley has two pulleys, with radii of 175mm and 190mm respectively; what pull on the chain is necessary to raise 750 kilograms?

    Thanks! God Bless..
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    Resolve all the forces in X-Y plane as such where you might select axes inclined as per ur wish.
    Then Normal force acts normally to the surface and is equal to the forces acting normally towards the surface.
    Now put equilibrium condition..

    For 3, i assume they are attached. the firststep is draw diagram, observe forces and come into constraint conditions.
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    Thank you for your reply..i appreciate it.have a nice day God Bless!
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