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    I'd like to resurrect the discussion of this interesting function.

    Here are a few captivating pictures:

    First is a graph of x^y=y^x :
    http://www.imag.us/x/cronx/untitledxy.JPG [Broken]

    Second one was achieved in MatLab 6.5:
    http://www.imag.us/x/cronx/xyplot2.JPG [Broken]
    EDU>> ezplot('x^y-y^x',[-150,-148])
    I rotated the picture 90 degrees

    Now this one seemed a bit odd to me.. any thoughts?


    Ok I'm freaking out here.. is my MatLab out of whack??
    Plot of x^y=-y^x :
    http://www.imag.us/x/cronx/wtfplot.JPG [Broken]
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    Maple 10.02 gives funny stuff too:

    https://my.ryerson.ca/bbcswebdav/users/m4yip/gt4/xy.gif [Broken]

    Here's the code I used:

    Code (Text):
    a := implicitplot((x^y=y^x), x=-200..200, y=-200..200);
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    Can I get a confirmation of this plot? I dont have that many applications that can do multivar plots
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    I would say that your problem is almost entirely due to the fact that you're trying to plot in a region where x^y and y^x are defined almost nowhere.
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