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Xcode for mac os lion 10.7.3

  1. Oct 17, 2012 #1
    Hello, I mistook downloding xcode 4.5.1 that is incompatible with my lion 10.7.3, which version of xcode should work with my mac os anyway ? should xcode 4.32 be the right choice ? Thank you.
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    It works with the mentioned version too. But after I successfully installed Xcode on my machine and rebooted it, there is no XCode link created at all in the Applications folder. I have to run the downloaded dmg file again to see it popping up. But later it'd disappear once I power of my machine. Is there a solution to this tiny problem ?

    Edit: it seems I don't understand about the difference between the dmg file of size 1.98GB and another one of size 1.4GB, i guess this is probably the problem. I downloaded and installed 1.98GB dmg and it stays as a separate disk image the second time I run it.
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    You should be able to install any of the 4.3.x releases. You can find older releases of Xcode here (needs free account): http://connect.apple.com/ [Broken]
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