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Xkcd is a wonderful comic

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    Whoever has been posting links to this wonderful site. Thank you, I'm in love now.
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    Re: xkcd

    Isn't it great?!? But try showing it to a non-science geek - you'll get a blank stare.
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    Re: xkcd

    That's not out of the ordinary. I find mouth breathers always give me blank stares.
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    Re: xkcd

    I just realized I have to send it to last year's science teacher, he'd love it, as well as my previous science teacher before him.
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    Re: xkcd

    You HAVE to send this to Keller

    I love this comic. It's possibly the best comic in the world. As far as art quality goes... um... well that doesn't matter anyways.
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    Re: xkcd

    Lol, yeah I sent it to Keller and my previous teacher, Watson.
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    Re: xkcd

    I love the random button!

    I think xkcd has more than 461 comics because I procrastinate using that random button (and I have spent hours clicking it and still getting newer comics)

    and also love those comments that become visible on mouse over.
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    Re: xkcd

    Hmm, I'll have to check out those comments, I never noticed that.

    Woohoo, yesterday was my 16th birthday...
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