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Xmgrace: making one double plot out of two single plots

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    Grace plots are typically stored in files with a *.agr extension.

    Suppose I have two (or more) single plots:


    Suppose I want to combine these plots into a single file, with each plot displayed side-by-side, or a smaller plot within a larger, or whatever. We can call the new file


    The first plot is easy...just copy plot0.agr to plotN.agr

    cp plot0.agr plotN.agr

    And in xmgrace, I can create a new plot (G1), put them side-by-side or orient them any way I choose. But how do I get the data from plot1.agr into G1 in plotN.agr?

    I know I can export the data from plot1.agr and import it int G1 in plotN.agr. But what about all the formatting, text and labels?

    Is there a way in import plot1.agr with all its data, formatting, labels, etc. into G1 in plotN.agr? And do the same for any subsequent plots? If so, how?
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