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XOR of 2 sets ?

  1. Mar 12, 2004 #1
    XOR of 2 sets ????

    i have two sets :
    A XOR B result?????
    Help me plz.
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    matt grime

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    Who's asking you to take XOR of sets? Can I shout at them please?

    I think you want symmetric difference:

    [tex]x \in A\triangle B[/tex] iff x is in exactly one of A or B.

    Equivlently it is [tex](A^c\cap B)\cup(A\cap B^c)[/tex]

    assuming you're ok with taking complements.
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    I get this problem in Matching algorithm,

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    A XOR B = (A OR B) - (A AND B)
  7. Mar 12, 2004 #6

    matt grime

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    Stop using logical symbols such as AND, OR etc when you mean set symbols such as intersction etc!

    OR is not the same as union, despite the similarities in their behaviour.

    And if you want us to know what's going on then you need to tell us.
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