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XP Start Button

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    XP is something I've studiously avoided.

    I have a neighbor with a question though.

    Normally when you right click the Start button the "Open" command is at the top of the popup list.
    In this case the order has somehow shifted and now the "Search" command is at the top of the list.
    This causes anoying issues.

    Where is this list order stored in XP?
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    You should be able to just drag items in the Start menu to reorganize them any way you'd like.

    - Warren
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    Tried that.
    It's not the start menu itself. Drag/drop work much like NT/2000 there.

    It's the right click properties associated with the start button. These items don't drag.

    It seems that the topmost item in the list is the default double_click action. In this case "Search" rather than "Open" is now at the top of the properties list. If you douple click something you get the windows explorer file search window.

    I would guess this is a registry edit, but he has no idea how he did it (if he did it).
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    check this link
    or this one

    post here if it doesn't work :D
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    I used the regsvr32 /i shell32.dll command sugested in the 2nd site rather than doing the regedit bit.
    This command has the effect of refreshing all the registry info for the specified dll.
    Did the trick.
    Works fine now.
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