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XPS.photon-in vs electron-in

  1. Jul 24, 2010 #1
    I'm studying physical engineering (i'm italian, sorry for my english :))
    I've a question about X ray spectra.

    Now, both photon and electron can create a hole in a core level
    and the photoelectric effect (photoemission) refers only to the first case, right? (and the ejected electron is called photoelectron )

    after the creation of the hole the atom rearranges in order to return to its ground state, going through what is called "relaxation"
    - through Auger electron emission (->aes)
    - through X ray fluorescence

    consider the latter. now you can obtain an x ray spectrum ..
    the point is: is there any difference in the xray spectra obtained from the relaxation after the hole creation by "photon in" or "electron in" ?
    (maybe the bremsstrahlung background.. )


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