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XRD database

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    Hi, are there any online databases for the x-ray diffraction peaks of common and less common crystals?
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    I'm not sure if there are any free large databases but there are programs for calculating diffraction patterns. for example powdercell can calculate and draw the powder diffraction pattern of a crystal for you. you have to specify the space group, lattice parameters and the content for the program and it'll do the rest.
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    Yes, there is a database of xrd patterns. But it's not free, I can't remember the name off the top of my head. And googling it is going to be hard because I think it's "pdf.......something".
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    it's idcc pdf (powder diffraction file) at idcc.com.
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    I think you meant icdd.com ;)
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    I stand corrected. Damn these abbreviations.
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    "Long ago", the lab I worked in had a PDF database on the computers. They even had hardcopy publications of PDF plots/data. I'm not sure where they are found online...other than ICDD, which is what came up when I googled "pdf powder diffraction".
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