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XRD sample preparation

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    I have some precipitate samples that I wish to analyze for XRD. I collected them by filtration of a slurry. Through the filtration, the precipitates "cemented" on the surface of the filter pad so the samples I collected are not exactly in powdered form, which I believe is the ideal form to do XRD analysis.

    I have read that in such cases, pulverization can be achieved using mortar and pestle. However, I worry that this might affect the crystallinity of the precipitates, which is the most important characteristic that I wish to analyze.

    Can somebody suggest a method to achieve pulverization without affecting (or at least minimizing) the effect on crystallinity? Or if I am to use mortar and pestle, is there an additional step that should be taken to avoid errors?

    Thank you so much!
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    Can you evaporate off the carrier fluid instead of using filtering for separation ?
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    I have thought of that but my slurry volume is 1 L so it may be a bit impractical to evaporate off the solvent. And I also have to collect the filtrate for analysis.
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