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Y=2(3^x)-1 domain, range?

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    I was given the equation y=2(3^x)-1 and told to state the domain, range, x and y intercepts and asymptotes.

    I graphed the eqn and got the x-intercept to =-0.63 and the y-intercept=1
    the vertical asymptote is the same as x-intercept so =-0.63 and the horizontal asymptote always equals 0.

    If these values are right, then I need to find out the domain and range, but I dont know how. Can someone please help me? :redface:
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    Me again,...This time i say to review calculations.
    Hints:1)Do u agree with me that the domain in the entire real axis and the range the open interval (-1,+infinity)??
    2)Use the correct definitions of veritical/horizontal asymptotes.
    3) Solve the equations for the intersections correctly.

    PS I assumed that your initial function was [itex] y=2\cdot 3^{x} -1 [/itex].
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