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Homework Help: Y=-3sin(2x) shifted new equation?

  1. Aug 30, 2005 #1
    y=-3sin(2x) is shifted to the left by 30 degree units and up 5 units

    My new equation looks like this im not sure if I did it right


    what do you think?
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    Youre function is shifted to the right.

    y=Asin(k(x-c)+b is shifted up b units, scaled vertically by A units, scaled horizontally by k units, and shifted to the right by c units. If c is negative then it is shifted to the left.
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    i want c to be negative because it says shift 30 degrees to the left, isn't this correct?
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    It is coerect and c must be negative but the formula itself has anothere - sing so they bouth together make a + and the expresion is then y=-3sin[2(x-(-30))]+5=-3sin[2(x+30))]+5
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    sorry, aisha, but your formula "y=-3sin[2(x-30)]+5" isn't correct.

    I just entered "y = -3sin(2x)" and the other one in graphmatica and "y=-3sin[2(x-30)]+5" is definately shifted to the right!

    Edit: it shoulf be "y=-3sin[2(x+30)]+5"
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