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Y delta 3 phase

  1. May 19, 2013 #1

    For our final lab we will be given a box with three wires, the neuter is missing. In the box there is a Y or delta configuration and we can use everything to find out if it is a Y or a delta configuration. So, voltmeters or watt meters, or even something like tin foil. Can someone help us? It’s the last lab. And it’s the only one we don’t understand.

    Thank you
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    Hi MyYdna. [Broken]

    Am I to understand that the box contains three resistors, connected either in Y or ∆ and you have to determine which configuration?

    Your first step is to draw the two diagrams. Then in your mind consider making measurements, or connecting meters, or voltages, etc., to any or all of those 3 terminals.

    Are you allowed to aim a thermal camera at the box? Itd5G.gif Itd5G.gif

    BTW, the spelling is "neutral".
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    I did the things you said. And you are correct, three resistors. Apparently we made a mistake in our readings (we used volt and amp meters). That's why we couldn't understand it. And yes. We may use everything. So also a thermal camera. :)
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    So this is now solved? How did you make your determination (and without using X-rays or a thermal camera)?
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