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Yaay me!

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    I found out yesterday that I've gotten picked up for grad school!

    I'm tentatively going to be working on nano-sensors for UMCP's aerospace engineering smart structures lab.

    I have yet to read any of the background material, but it'll basically be tiny "fingers" of metal which behave similar to quartz crystals... you deflect them and they create a voltage. If you have arrays of them, oriented in different directions, you can detect accelerations, fluid flows, etc.

    It's not entirely what I was shooting for, but it's really cool, nonetheless!
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    wow, picked up for grad school. The only thing I've ever been picked up for is when I was picked up on a "failure to appear" warrant.
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    I got picked up for ditching school once... The truant officer showed up and koncked on my door and stuff. It was fun. She even let me take a shower before I was carried away.


    Btw, congrats, Enigma!
  5. May 17, 2004 #4
    See, kids?
    This is what happens when you skip school. do you want someone koncking on your door?
    Hey cookie, here's a joke:
    konck, konck
    Who's there?
    Dis who
    dyslexia, from suffer I.
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    Shush. It makes perfect sense.

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    Jeez, you are brutal!

    Congraduations enigma. You going for a PhD or a Masters?
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    Congratulations enigma .. im sure you deserve this.:)
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    Thanks all

    Masters first. We'll see how things are going once I get closer to the thesis before I decide on the PhD. Luckily UMaryland requires you get the Masters first, regardless.
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    YAAY, YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! :approve: :smile: :approve: :smile:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Great job Enigma! Congratulations. :smile:

    It sounds like some interesting work. Maybe we will see you as a mission specialist one day? :tongue2:
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    Congrats enigma!

    wait...this doesn't mean you'll be spending less time at the pf and more time working does it?
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