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Yagoohoogle search

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    Do a search and see what happens. Pretty cool, check it out

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    lololololol.... that is so clever omg.
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    Yahoo sucks though.

    Google is the best hands down.
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    It gets screwed up though if you multiple-layer the frame effect (see attachment)....

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    edit: it's worth waiting around to see it get approved.

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    That is a cool site, but once you do a search you have to go back to Yagoohoogle!, or manully enter a new search on each side.
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    Or you could just go back to Yagohoo!gle from within the searched site and cause it to reiterate like in the screenshots that I just uploaded (and are still pending) :biggrin:.
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    That hurts my brain to look at, my eyse try to split directions to multi-task and...OUCH!!! :grumpy:
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    no, there were 3 frames on the page. Two vertical, and one horizontal at the very top with a yahoogoogle search bar.
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    Hey you are right, cool. The last time I checked the site there was no top frame.
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    Those are funny. I the backward Google websearch actually expects that what you type in will be reversed as well.
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