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Yahoo Messenger

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    I always encounter with the following message that I have been signed out from yahoo messenger because I signed in in different computer. What this message means? Does this mean that my account has been compromised?

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    It could mean that, yes. It could also mean somebody turned on another computer you use to access yahoo chat (if you have it set to auto-login).
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    I get that if I forget to log out before logging in again.
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    Negative, none of them happen.
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    Hi David.

    I got the same problem while checking my e-mail, Y!'s mail interface (both the old & the new one) has some sort of limited IM applet that'll pop you out when you check your mail.

    If that's not the case, the safest way is to change your password.
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    Yes this is the case, I noticed that. Just when I check my yahoo email, I signed out automatically from the messenger.

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