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Yahoo spam control

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    All of a sudden 3/4 of spam headed my way is landing in my Yahoo e-mail instead of spam folder.

    Any way to reset the filtering/blocking apparatus???

    the yahoo 'OPTIONS' button only allows me to decide how often the spam folder is deleted,
    nothing I can find about filtering levels..

    thank you.
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    Greg..thanks for the suggestion....I followed the link but so far have found nothing useful.
    It says changes to SPAMGUARD can be made, but never says what they are .....

    It appears the spam filter is preset and can't be changed, yet something DID suddently change which allowed previously blocked spam to enter my regular mailbox.

    The only recommended solution I have found so far is to mark each individual spam e-mail in my regular e-mail as 'spam'.....then the filter stops further spam from that source....

    There must be a better way, but I'll begin that effort today.....one e-mail at a time....

    I plowed through a dozen or so spam related suggestions in Yahoo e-mail HELP...but found nothing terribly useful.
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