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I stumbled across this page and took the IPv6 test. I'm IPv4 only, even though I bought a new Cisco wireless access point and router just a few weeks ago. Is the router not ready for 6? Is my ISP's DSL modem no ready for 6? Is it something else?

Your system will continue to work for you on World IPv6 day. However, we found that you only have IPv4 at this time. You'll simply continue to use IPv4 to reach your favorite web sites.
In answer to their "What is IPv6 and why is it necessary?" answers, I thought NAT on the consumer side negated the issue of non-unique IP addresses i.e. it was only the supplier (web site) addresses which would bump up against the limit.

What's the real answer? Do we need to upgrade all of our equipment, or did NAT negate that?

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There are some good reasons in the following link and the subsequent pages that explain why IPv6 us superior to IPv4:
In general, it is assumed that with the growing number of devices going online, at one point of time, IPv4 would become obsolete. One site recommended that large businesses should think about switching over to IPv6 sooner or later. Till this date, IPv4 is still functioning, but who knows about the future?

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