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Yaw damper system

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    Hi everyone,
    I wanna know if anyone has informating about A/P yaw damper system. How does it work? and give me some pic with dawing the system, electrical "I mean." but if you can give me the electric servo yaw damper. you can find the Block diagram in book call "Avionics fundamentals" which made for Jeppesen sanderson Training Products. exaclty you can find in page 292.

    Thanks a million
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    I have some stuff from Jeppesen, but not your reference.

    I suggest you just look up negative feedback servo systems.
    In this case the autopilot is likely hooked up to the gyrocompass and corrects rudder placement based on heading deviation. A more advanced system might use Loran or GPS to the same effect.
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    Thanks No Time, But I need the circut in electric device and explain by electirc way. Where can I get it?
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    Put the phrase
    "negative feedback servo system" in google
    Wade through results, should be something similar.

    If you want the exact circuit, contact the manufacture with the model number.
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    Ok I will see if they could help me. Thx No Time
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    Do you know something webside for manufacture, they can help me???
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    I'd start with Sperry Rand, just since they were the biggest manufacturer of autopilots when I was flying. Don't know about current stuff.
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