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Homework Help: (year 10 science) IDENTIFY one factor which affects descent speed of paper gyrocopter

  1. Apr 27, 2008 #1
    So I have this literature review which is due in like two days about identifying the variables involved in my experiment which involves the descent of two paper gyrocopters- where one was slightly bigger than the other. I am identifying terminal velocity as a factor which affects the descent of the gyrocopter.

    So my questions are:

    What are the relevant concepts and principles involved?- is it terminal velocity and how it affects the gyrocopter's descent?
    I have to come up with 5-7 questions, to solve the problem identified- assuming it's the terminal velocity we're after. What questions can I have?

    Please help me and give you lots of hugs back!!:rofl:
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    OKAY, NO. I should have explained it clearer. I had to use two different sized(one was slightly bigger than the other) paper gyrocopters. Dropped them both at 3m and 6m high each. Then I recorded their results.

    So here I got this: height, mass, air resistance and terminal velocity.

    WHICH ONES are the factors and which one are the variables?
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    What properties are constant?

    What inputs are varied or different between each set of measurements?
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