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Year 10 student

  1. Aug 22, 2011 #1
    I am currently in the process of picking my subjects for the HSC, I want to pick physics but.don't know whether to pick it or not can some one please give me some advice thank you.
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    We can't give any reasonable advice without knowing more information. How much math do you have? What other sciences have you taken? What are your plans after secondary school? What are your other course options?

    The only advice I can offer now is: If you want to take physics, and have background in trigonometry and algebra (and calculus if your physics course is calculus-based) then go for it. Wanting to learn physics is the best reason to take a physics course.
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    HSC Physics is nothing like real world Physics and for the HSC it isn't particularly difficult. You may struggle with some concepts to start with but you should be able to grasp them with a little bit of effort.

    You can do General Maths and do HSC Physics as the calculations are not hard at all. Real Physics starts turning up in Extension 2 Mathematics.
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    HSC physics! wow, memories...

    It's not easy but it scales well. It's a pre-req for a lot of science courses at unis like USYD/UNSW/etc (i think, anyway. It could be that you need to do "at least two" sciences, but i seem to remember some stating physics).

    A few of my friends did 2u physics and 4u maths and got really good UAIs because of it.
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