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Yellow flag

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    LOL I like the yellow flag at the bottom right corner of my OP in the link that indicates that I have received a warning. That is really a nice touch. Has anyone read the scarlet letter? Do you think that people will see the yellow flag and stop answering my posts or interacting with me at all. Will I eventually be forced to seek refuge in my own private forum on the outskirts of PF and live in infamy and remorse about the sin I committed so long ago.

    But seriously, I do think it is a bad idea ( especially because the warning had nothing to do with the contents of the post).
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    You are the only one that can see it, but thanks for letting everyone know.
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    Thats even more funny.
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    You don't really get scarlet letters here, you get slapped with "scarlet fish"...otherwise known as red snapper.:biggrin:

    We need a "foot in mouth" smiley just for these situations.
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    Does anyone know a good oral podiatrist?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Actually, if you get enough penalty points, you will be banned; either temporarily, or permanently.
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    Will there be a celebration as they throw me and all of my PF posts out into the open internet? Will PF be kind enough to give me directions to the nearest math-science internet community or will they force me to wander for days or perhaps months throughout the cruel and dangerous forest of online communities facing viruses, Trojan horses, and highly unstable servers all by myself? Will people throw stones at me or send me invective private messages as I say goodbye to my few friends here at PF and log out for the last time?
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