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Yellowstone's Massive Volcano

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    Does anyone have any idea about when it might erupt again?

    I'd like to be prepared since the magma chamber of this thing will prolly wipe out the entire earth. :surprised
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    It will go bang one day - could be thousands of years yet, or next year, but it won't wipe out the Earth! It's effects, if it goes in a big way, will be world-wide, that's for sure. The Earth will probably cool and crops will fail, causing death for millions. But, hey, everything will come back again within a decade.
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    Oi - always look on the bright side of life!
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    As a precaution, we should fill out pockets with jam, cause we're gonna be toast.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Ah, cheer up, something else is almost certain to kill you before Yellowstone does. :biggrin:
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    The Discovery Channel had a recent program about the super volcano under Yellow Stone. The records showed a massive eruption occured every few hundered thousand years. While we know it will happen again, we have no clear way of determening when. In fact, due to the plates shifting, it is believed there is the possibility that by the next eruption will not take place under Yellow Stone, but under the Rocky Mountains. An eruption occuring with the Rockies on top of the magma chamber would likely mean we wouldn't feel the devistating effects of such a chaotic event, according to the Discovery program anyway.

    Still, if an eruption did occur humanity would be in for a Hell of a ride. :bugeye:
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    I think we're all forgetting the fact that by the time Yellowstone does go boom, we will be masters of space and time and have unlimited technological boundaries, also the we may have accidentally destroyed the earth by then. :tongue:
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    Discovery Channel has been airing the Super Volcano show a number of times over the years. (I recall taping it 4 yrs ago) They like to sensationalize mega-disaster imagery to try and flip us out. I've often seen it paired with another armageddon scenario Mega-Tsunamis. :surprised

    The US Geological Survey published their thoughts about Yellowstone Caldera

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    Hi all I'm very new to this site and it's just the place for me as I love science. I to share concerns over the supervolcano, but realise there will be something beneficial from it. Life can start from a fresh again. I know it will be hard on nature but nature will probably survive better than us. I have a little saying, "For a every negative there's a positve" and basically it means there an advantage to many negative situations. And of course vice versa.
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